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Every successful product is a perfect combination of many ingredients, beginning with top raw materials. But that’s not all…


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Welcome to the world of Janoušek Natural Flavourings!

This website provides information about our century-old history and company structure, our values and service philosophy, the unique characteristics of our products and the special attention we give to each of our clients.

It is a journey through tastes and scents, exploring the ingredients of an authentic ‘Janoušek product’, which we hope you will enjoy.

Explore at you leisure.


You really must try: 

We have expanded the family of flavours dedicated to the world of Soya: milk, puddings, yogurts and cheeses with new natural products that provide excellent covering of soya’s inherent unpleasant taste, and first-rate notes of milk and cream.   Our creations are also directed at rice, almond and oat milks.

New line of top-class natural flavours with vanilla berry taste, for quality use either in combination with, or substitution for, the expensive vanilla berries.

For the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors you will find a vast range of natural, spray dried flavours with the characteristically real fruit notes.

Last but not least, highly agreeable and finely balanced, a natural flavour tasting of Parmesan cheese which finds its home in multiple top quality gastronomical applications.


Why do they choose us

  •   We are creative and competent
  •   We keep our promises
  •   We ensure rapid delivery
  •   We offer comfortable prices
  •   We’d rather be partners than just suppliers
  •   We work together to develop your flavourings
  •   We create tailor-made products
  •   We are a pet-friendly company
  •   Now, let’s have some fun…