We specialize in flavourings and flavouring substances (e.g. vanillin, menthol and eucalyptus), but over the years we have gained significant experience in the field of additives, adjuvants and food ingredients, often as complements to the flavourings.

Also in this field, we supply products whose high quality we guarantee and certify, along with all of the technical information necessary. Products include preservatives, antioxidants, acidifiers, acidity regulators, thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, gelling agents and functional milk derivatives.

As an exclusive service for our flavourings clients, we can offer, where technically feasible, complete compounds containing flavourings and functional ingredients with the quantity to use calculated in accordance with current regulations.

Our products are designed exclusively for professional use in the food and beverage industry and are not targeted at private individuals.