We have always been specialists and leaders in the creation of natural flavourings, traditional natural extracts and spirits, which distinguish many popular alcoholic beverages.

Having worked in the market for nearly a century and a half, and understanding differences in taste from country to country, we have the proven skills to provide special tastes of unique character, balanced and stylish.

In addition to classic cocktails, which are always in fashion, we are playing a leading role in the current trend of “responsible drinking” products – riding the wave of low-alcohol-content ready-to-drink and alcopop products, we have created a vast range of enticing natural flavours for the most part based on single fruit. However, we are currently meeting the new trend towards vegetable flavours such as cucumber, tomato, pumpkin and celery.

We also offer compounds of flavours containing fruit juices in the quantities as to be declared on the label.

With respect to traditional Italian products, we offer unique recipes for famous sweet liqueurs like limoncello, sambuca, espresso, amaretto and maraschino, in addition to numerous natural flavourings for vodka and sweet or dry liqueurs.

Our citrus spirits have a pronounced Mediterranean feel and are used harmoniously in other classic sweet liqueurs such as orange brandy and triple sec.

The natural extracts that we obtain from herbs and spices are the basis of a wide range of natural extracts for vermouth, liqueurs (elixirs and digestives), bitters and other famous Italian aperitifs.

Our experience in the production of flavourings for alcoholic beverages has led to creative applications in the field of flavoured wines, wine-based products and flavoured beers.

We also offer a range of traditional extracts from flowers, fruits and fine woods to enhance the bouquet of spirits.

All of the flavourings designed for the production of alcoholic beverages comply with current regulations and can be used within the limits established by the laws of each country.

In addition to these flavourings you may also be interested in:

Our products are designed exclusively for professional use in the food and beverage industry and are not targeted at private individuals.