Creating exceptional desserts in perfect Italian style is a GOAL set by many. It requires quality, imagination and creativity.

We have taken inspiration from the “natural” trend, interpreting it in our formulations with a selection of flavours that are closest to natural ingredients and traditional ingredients used in fine desserts.

Our flavourings, mainly natural, are used in dessert making (including baked goods and ice cream) and semi-processed products used in the industrial production of pralines, creams, ice creams and fillings, as well as in fat-soluble form for chocolate and other fatty ingredients.

Thanks to our considerable experience in formulating flavour extracts for alcoholic beverages, we offer a wide range of natural flavourings that can be used for soaking syrups, as well as spirits, tinctures and liqueurs in “concentrated” versions for the production of desserts.

For biscuits, particularly the whole grain and light biscuits that have become popular in recent years, we have created a range of natural flavourings that also mask certain undesirable bran notes, giving products roundness and an excellent fragrance.

We also offer a wide range of natural flavourings including fruit juices for confectionery products and sweets.

For the dairy sector, we have specific flavourings with top notes characterizing the fruits used in yogurts and milk-based formulations.

For products made with soya instead of cow’s milk – a growing sector -, we have particular natural flavourings that improve the flavour of the soya, giving it warm notes of milk and cream, vanilla beans, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry and many other flavours perfect for these applications.

All of our flavourings are structured specifically for the different fields of applications and are heat-resistant when necessary. They are also available in spray-dried form and with a “HiFi” profile.


In addition to these flavourings you may also be interested in:

Our products are designed exclusively for professional use in the food and beverage industry and are not targeted at private individuals.