Dynamism, flexibility and rapid information interchange – these are the distinguishing features of our team, enabling us to ensure excellent service.

Every sector of our company is headed by experts who have been working in the company for many years – a clear sign of loyalty, trust and devotion.

All managers of technical areas hold appropriate academic degrees and speak foreign languages fluently.

Sales personnel are knowledgeable about all topics relating to shipping, and to the regulations in the various countries to which we export.

We can speak with our customers in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian.

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan CEO
  • dr. Giorgio Ferluga
    dr. Giorgio Ferluga Technical Manager
  • dr. Anna Carninci
    dr. Anna Carninci Sales & Purchasing Manager
  • Marco Almini
    Marco Almini Sales Supervisor Italy
  • Katja Milkovic
    Katja Milkovic Sales Supervisor East Europe
  • dr. Jamie Blake
    dr. Jamie Blake Business Development Manager
  • dr. Elisa Galvani
    dr. Elisa Galvani Purchasing & Customer Care Supervisor
  • dr. Sandra Masiello
    dr. Sandra Masiello Quality Assurance & Control Manager
  • Cristina Carbi
    Cristina Carbi Administration Manager