Production follows strict certified procedures and uses ingredients that are unique in terms of flavour and purity. These are obtained through a continuous search throughout the world, beginning with Italy: Sicilian lemon, saffron and liquorice from Abruzzo, chinotto from Liguria, and then vanilla from Madagascar and Thaiti, cinnamon from Ceylon, lime from Mexico…

The Quality Control laboratory validates the finished products, issuing the analysis certificates and particular certifications requested by the different types of industries in which the flavourings are used (vegan, GMO-free, Kosher, gluten-free, lactose-free, baby food, etc.).

With certain companies we have long-standing relationships in which we have been supplying the same products continuously for decades and, during this time, the original recipe has remained unchanged. We like to ensure that each company receives its own chosen product.


All technical personnel hold appropriate degrees in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy, Food Science, Chemistry and Herbal Science.