Creativity, experience, innovative spirit and passion – these are the most important ingredients in our work.

Our mission is to create high quality natural flavours in every sense, from the raw materials to the most modern technology. We are distinguished by our competence and our love for “Italian taste”, which is universally recognized for its quality, creativity and style. We are committed to promoting this taste, adapting it both to the specific needs of local tastes and to the certifications required by the countries to which we export.

At Janoušek, “producing” always means “creating” an original recipe designed by the Research and Development team, which is able to modify, at any time, any specific detail to adapt the flavouring to your needs and preferences. Just like a tailor making a suit.

Our system has made quality an overriding concept which, in addition to a no-compromise work style, offers customers true “all-in-one” service.