Italian cuisine is the pinnacle of Mediterranean flavours that inspires the world. We use this universally recognized “good taste” as our starting point for creating unique and special flavours that go beyond the usual basic offerings.

Drawing from our world of herbs and spices, we create single natural extracts and mixtures for all types of sausages that are in keeping with the preferred taste and style of the target country, carefully balancing the ingredients to ensure that the final result is harmonious and well-defined.

In addition to classic flavours for sausages like beef, chicken and pork (either roast, grilled or braised), we like to offer flavours that are characteristic of fine Italian cuisine, such as mortadella.

In recent years, “accessory” flavours, designed to lend a “fresh” note to processed meats, have been popular in creative delicatessen products. Examples include green apple, pineapple and lemon, as well as wine notes like Marsala and Barolo.

Furthermore, bouquet notes like biscuit, cream and almond are valued for producing cooked ham that is immediately distinguishable from other products available on the market.

Apart from “classic” flavourings, we suggest ideas for customized cured meats!

Looking at ready-to-eat and savoury foods in a more general sense, in addition to typical flavours like truffle, porcino-boletus mushroom (both raw and cooked in oil with garlic and parsley), ricotta cheese, tomato, basil, Parmesan cheese, asparagus and various vegetables, we develop unique formulations of flavours suitable for fillings and sauces.

…At times, you only need to say “pizza” to be appreciated…but to be loved, you need excellent pizza!

Last, but not least, is our natural umami flavouring (umami is considered to be the fifth taste). It has excellent applications both in gastronomy and baked products like crackers and breadsticks since it enhances the fragrant flavour.

In addition to these flavourings you may also be interested in:

Our products are designed exclusively for professional use in the food and beverage industry and are not targeted at private individuals.